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Welcome to Deadwalk: The Last WarEdit

Dead walk: The Last War is a unique action strategy game set in the post-apocalyptic world. Forced to retreat from zombie-infested land, the humans used a forbidden Clone Technology to create genetically modified “Champions.” The player deploys these Champions in a battle against the non-stop horde of zombies and attempt to impose order in this chaotic world. Only the fittest will survive here.

(Taken from the game's official Facebook page's Long Description)

Table of Content.

  1. Explore (HayleyStarrrr is updating this)
  2. Events
  3. Leagues (Eulenlied will update this.)
  4. PvP (Needs creation)
  5. List of Heroes (Champions) (Zhou Sun & Heiyu are updating this).
  6. Skills (HayleyStarrrr is updating this)
  7. Troops (Needs creation)
  8. Buildings
  9. Guides (Page does not exist yet)
  10. Funplus Facts (FFCloud.Paimon is updating this).

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